SuperMAG Movies

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The movies are in magnetic coordinates centered at the magnetic pole and hence the continents are somewhat distorted. The vectors are deduced from the two horizontal components and are rotated 90° clockwise to indicate ionospheric equivalent current direction (units are nT).

Daily Movies

The daily movies allow you to conveniently scan the conditions of the global magnetic field perturbations. There are three types of daily movies:

To view a movie select a type of movie and a date.

Custom Movies

Create your own movie:

  1. Select date, time, length and various movie-plotting options using the forms.
  2. Select ground magnetometer plotting options.
  3. Select IMAGE FUV and/or Polar Vis plotting options.

Preview the movie before generating it by sliding the horizontal bar located above the movie.

Custom movies archive

Watch movies generated by your self or other users. Which data have been included depend on the settings chosen by the user but typically include global auroral images, ground level magnetic field perturbations, solar wind conditions and continents.