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SuperMAG Organization

Organization Chart

SuperMAG Steering Committee

The purpose of the steering committee is to ensure that the future direction of SuperMAG is in the best interest of users, collaborators and funding agencies.

The committee members have been selected to represent the different groups of participants while acknowledging the global nature of the SuperMAG initiative.

Members of the steering committee (in random order):

Chair - A. Gerrard, NJIT, USA R. Mcgranaghan, JPL, USA
J. Matzka, GFZ, Germany J. Gannon, CPI, USA
J. Gjerloev, APL, USA S. Abe, Kyushu University, Japan
M. Johnsen, U. Tromsoe, Norway S. Ohtani, APL, USA
I. Mann, U. Alberta, Canada D. Boteler, NRCan/RNCan, Canada, on behalf of INTERMAGNET
J. Borovsky, Space Science Institute, USA

Past Members of the steering committee:

K. Murphy, GSFC, USA A. Yoshikawa, Kyushu, Japan
T. Moretto, U. Bergen, Norway A. Thomson, BGS, UK

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