Rules of the Road

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Rules of the Road

SuperMAG is made possible by the generous contribution of data by numerous collaborators. To ensure their continued operation the user must follow the below rules-of-the-road. Data, plots or derived data products are provided under the limitations of "fair use" and cannot be redistributed. Contact the individual instrument PI and the SuperMAG PI for requests that are in conflict with these restrictions.

The user is requested to acknowledge individual collaborators and SuperMAG when original data, derived data, movies, or data products are used in publications and/or presentations.

When Using Data

In all cases:

In cases that only a few stations play a key role and their data are central to the scientific conclusion of the paper:

When Using Indices When Using Substorm Lists When Using OMNI When Using Imaging When using INTERMAGNET Data


Collaborator EMMA

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Collaborator IMAGE Chain

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Collaborator MACCS

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Collaborator McMAC Chain

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Collaborator MAGDAS / 210 Chain

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Collaborator CARISMA

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Collaborator AALPIP

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Collaborator INTERMAGNET

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Indices SML, SMU, SME

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Indices SMLs, SMLd, SMUs, SMUd

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Indices SMR, SMR-LT

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Substorm List

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