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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is nothing downloading when I click on a download button?
A: Make sure your browser is configured to allow automatic downloads of multiple files from SuperMAG.
  • In Chrome: The first time you click the downlod button, look at the top right of the screen:
    1. Click on
    2. Select "Always allow..."
    3. Click Done
  • In FireFox: The first time you click the downlod button, look at the top left of the screen:
    click on

    Allow popups and click Done.
Q: How much data can I download?
A: As much as you like.
Q: Why are there no data from my event?
A: SuperMAG is funded to enable research. Three reasons:
  1. SuperMAG is not funded to provide real-time or near-real-time data.
  2. We work on a single standard grant and do our best to update the data holdings.
  3. We must wait for data to be released from collaborators.
Q: I have made a cool plot and want to share it with my colleague.
A: Copy the URL from your browser and mail to your colleague. He/she can simple click it and an identical plot will be generated. All settings are included in the URL.
Q: Why is Kyoto-AL smaller than SML and/or Kyoto-AU larger than SMU?
A: In principle this should not be possible. However, there are three possible reasons:
  1. Differences in baseline technique.
  2. Kyoto has stations that are not yet included in SuperMAG.
  3. Errors in data.
Q: Why is SMR not the same as SYMH?
A: These do not necessary the same. Two reasons:
  1. The stations used to derive these indices are not the same.
  2. Differences in baseline technique.
Q: Why do I need to register to download data/plots/movies?
A: This is done to ensure future funding for SuperMAG collaborators and SuperMAG. We track usage and report back to collaborators which use this information to ensure continued funding.

More questions? Please contact supermag@listserv.jhuapl.edu