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Ground Magnetometer Data

For the ground magnetometer data we gratefully acknowledge: Intermagnet; USGS, Jeffrey J. Love; CARISMA, PI Ian Mann; CANMOS, Geomagnetism Unit of the Geological Survey of Canada; The S-RAMP Database, PI K. Yumoto and Dr. K. Shiokawa; The SPIDR database; AARI, PI Oleg Troshichev; The MACCS program, PI M. Engebretson; GIMA; MEASURE, UCLA IGPP and Florida Institute of Technology; SAMBA, PI Eftyhia Zesta; 210 Chain, PI K. Yumoto; SAMNET, PI Farideh Honary; The IMAGE magnetometer network, PI L. Juusola; AUTUMN, PI Martin Connors; DTU Space, PI Anna Willer; South Pole and McMurdo Magnetometer, PI's Louis J. Lanzarotti and Alan T. Weatherwax; ICESTAR; RAPIDMAG; British Artarctic Survey; McMac, PI Dr. Peter Chi; BGS, PI Dr. Susan Macmillan; Pushkov Institute of Terrestrial Magnetism, Ionosphere and Radio Wave Propagation (IZMIRAN); GFZ, PI Dr. Juergen Matzka; MFGI, PI B. Heilig; IGFPAS, PI J. Reda; University of L’Aquila, PI M. Vellante; BCMT, V. Lesur and A. Chambodut; Data obtained in cooperation with Geoscience Australia, PI Marina Costelloe; AALPIP, co-PIs Bob Clauer and Michael Hartinger; SuperMAG, PI Jesper W. Gjerloev; Sodankylä Geophysical Observatory, PI Tero Raita; Polar Geophysical Institute, Alexander Yahnin and Yarolav Sakharov; Geological Survey of Sweden, Gerhard Schwartz; Swedish Institute of Space Physics, Mastoshi Yamauchi; UiT the Arctic University of Norway, Magnar G. Johnsen; Finish Meteorological Institute, PI Kirsti Kauristie.

Solar Wind Data

We gratefully acknowledge the OMNI initiative. From the OMNI page (

Citations to use of OMNI data should be made inline in the body of text when first appropriate and/or in an Acknowledgement section. Examples of the first would be "...[mention of parameters used] as extracted from NASA/GSFC's OMNI data set through OMNIWeb..." In an Acknowledgement section: "We acknowledge use of NASA/GSFC's Space Physics Data Facility's OMNIWeb (or CDAWeb or ftp) service, and OMNI data."

If you have used data from few sources within OMNI, you should also cite the Principal Investigators who provided those data to OMNI and who are identified in the OMNIWeb-accessible OMNI documentation files. See or

Global Auroral Images

For the Polar VIS Earth Camear images we gratefully acknowledge the Polar VIS Earth Camera team, PI Prof. Louis A Frank. For the IMAGE WIC images we gratefully acknowledge the IMAGE FUV Imager team, PI Prof. Stephen Mende.


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Website Development

We gratefully acknowledge Mr. Brage Førland for the design and development of this site.


SuperMAG is made possible by the generous funding provided by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). We gratefully acknowledge:

NSF ATM-0646323
NSF AGS-1003580